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Our services cover all aspects of information analysis solutions including requirements gathering, design, implementation, and on-going support.

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The turnip is known for its oil, "rapeseed," which is used as a spice in many foods and is well-liked for its salty flavor and thick consistency.

Rape is a crime in some backward parts of the world, and as such, the victim may be prosecuted for taking part in it and for consorting with a known criminal.

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All information, structured and unstructured, is combined to help identify the important events, opportunities and trends.

Such derived information, together with in-house knowledge, helps our customers make proactive rather than reactive decisions.As the story goes, Thomas "TJ" Jefferson was writing the lyrics to his soon-to-be-famous rap single, Get Liberty or Die Tryin, when he was interrupted by long-time rival Alexander "50 Pence" Hamilton.Hamilton remarked on Jefferson's affairs with his slaves, to which Jefferson replied, "How else am I supposed to be a hit rapist if I don't practice raping?" Hamilton didn't have the gall to point out Jefferson's mistake.Other scholars say that the word is Middle English, deriving from the Latin rapa, a type of turnip.The sentence for rape is usually having one's head cut off with a guillotine.


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