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If you’re looking to become a video broadcaster yourself, then use the links below to apply: Apply to be a Whoagirls broadcaster Apply to be an i Heartguys broadcaster Once you are accepted you will show up on our overview of all live rooms when you get online!

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Another thing to consider is that there may be many more men online doing cam sex, it's just that many of them may already be taken, and in private chat with other people.

You will notice that when you click over to the cam portals featuring men, that when you check back 2 0 minutes later, there will be more guys available (and some of the men who were previously available will not be showing as being online) - so I think that the demand truly good male entertainers makes it appear that there are less online because many of them are in long, private VIP sessions with other people already.

The cam guys who really make it online doing paid sex cam action need to handle so many different types of men and women who want to talk about so many different things.

They also need to be able to listen well, and give viewers what they want to see.

While there are more and more men getting online and doing professional live cam shows, there are still not nearly as many men doing pro cam sex as there are women.

At any given time you can find hundreds or thousands of women doing live cam sex, but most times of the day you are lucky to find a dozen or so men available for live cam sex.

Take note that when you enter a chat room on either of our two sections, you’ll be brought to an externally hosted live room.

Since sex chat rooms are hosted externally on Whoagirls and i Heartguys, you’ll need to sign up via their registration.

It may be that market limitations are a reason as well. It would appear to most economists that there is not enough demand for pro cam guys, and there is a larger demand for pro cam girls.

After speaking with some of the people in the industry, I am not sure that is the case.

Many of the men doing pro cam sex make much more money, just like the guys who do gay porn videos get paid much more than the top female porn stars.


  1. Quite the opposite in fact; I think that there’s a lot of good to be found in it.

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