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Katherine is the cousin of our sister in Chile Andrea Bermudez.

Without a worldwide unified fellowship, Harold and Kathrine may not have been saved! After a brief stop in Dallas where we spent time with Tyler & Shay Sears and Jason Woody and of course our two Texas granddaughters, we arrived in New York City on Wednesday, April 20th!

For the final session – on Orthodox Easter Sunday – we met in the famed Presidents Hotel with an attendance of 282 and witnessed 2 restorations, 1 place membership from our former fellowship, and three baptisms!

Everyone at the conference came away believing the theme – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!

After this news, Hector, Carlos, Lucy, Elena and I worked on the pictures for Elena’s book, which is essentially her Doctoral Dissertation.

Elena has entitled her book which focuses on the “Women’s Elevation Section” in Luke 7-8, The next day on Friday, we headed to the world renowned Catedral de Sal (Cathedral of Salt), which is in Zipaquirá a couple hours outside of Bogota!

With 5 on the Mission Team and 26 in the Remnant Group, God gave us 140 in attendance!

Then on the weekend of April 22-24th in New York City (NYC), instead of us encouraging the church, the NYC Church’s zeal and love encouraged Elena & me as we introduced Luke & Brandyn Speckman as their new Church Leader Couple!

Another highlight was Raul bringing out to the service his dynamic father-in-law Guillermo Perdigon and his cousin Marie Elena!

After meeting Lynda’s father, I see where Lynda gets her charisma and zest for life!

Thanks for your prayers as God did Kip & Elena’s Missionary Journey: On Wednesday, April 13th, Elena & I flew to Bogota, Colombia!

We were enthusiastically greeted at the airport that evening by the Bogota Church Leaders – Jose & Daniela Otero – and the fired-up Bogota Disciples singing in Spanish, Thursday morning, we heard the news of an incredible miracle – the founding of the Sold Out Press International by Carlos Mejia and Hector Gomez!

On April 28th to May 1st was the historic First Eurasian Missions Conference in Moscow!

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