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Planned obsolescence — that is, the practice of designing products with a purposefully limited lifespan so that they need to be replaced sooner — is one of the more annoying parts of living in a loosely regulated free-market economy.

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California, at first, simply mandated the training. Many HR types hardly understand the power of having protected group status membership or not.

And the topic of abusive conduct, which is still legal until the full HWB is enacted into law in California, is to be added to mandated training on the employer’s commitment to the prevention and resolution of illegal sexual harassment. We worry that employees will conflate bullying (abusive conduct) with illegal forms of harassment, including exposure to a hostile work environment.

Moving forward, all French appliance manufacturers are required to inform vendors how long spare parts for a given product will be produced.

Vendors are then required to inform buyers in writing, and failure to do so can result in up to 15,000 euros ($16,800) in fines. France plans to enact a similar measure next year that will require manufacturers to replace or repair faulty appliances free of charge for the first two years after they’ve been purchased, basically a mandatory warranty.

It's now expected to be approved by the state assembly.“This plan raises the minimum wage in a careful and responsible way and provides some flexibility if economic and budgetary conditions change,” Brown said.

The governor can temporarily suspend the hikes in the event of poor economic conditions or a large budget deficit.

1, 2015 California started mandating training in Abusive Conduct for supervisors (in employers with 50 or more workers).

WBI and its national network of volunteer State Coordinators has been lobbying for the complete HWB since 2001.

Utah’s 2015 legislation is superior to California’s, though it applies only to state agency employers.

Utah requires that employers describe how they will provide protections to employees.

Naturally, the negatives for the employer are to be included.


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