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They admitted to occasionally mistaking an aunt or uncle for one of their parents when looking at them from behind.

While the families don’t do too many activities with all nine of them at the same time, for at least one of them, the twin theme can get a little old.

“We told (the doctor) the history of our families (when Diane was pregnant),’’ Craig said.

“She said, ‘Oh yeah, it’s twins.’ We thought she was joking, but she said, ‘No, come look.

And while some parents of twins can barely tell them apart, how will you manage? Dating a twin can lead to some very awkward moments, to say the least, so here are some handy steps to help your dating experience with a twin run smoothly.

The present study investigates the twinning rates in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, during the years 2003-2014.

Genetically, the five combined children of the two couples are technically siblings, although in reality they are considered cousins.

Identical twins Mark and Craig Sanders appeared on TODAY with their wives, identical twins Diane and Darlene Sanders, and their combined five children, including Craig and Diane's identical twin boys, Colby and Brady.

“Craig was actually back in the hotel working, because we were working at the time on a story, and I had to go get him because otherwise I was afraid they were going to be scared I was some single crashing the twin party.

I had to prove I actually had a double somewhere.’’ Mark not only met his future wife, Darlene; he also ended up introducing his twin brother to future wife - Diane.

Identical twins have no hereditary traits that influence a predisposition to having identical twins.

No one knows why identical twins happen, as they come from a spontaneous split of a fertilized egg.

The two families now live next to one another in Houston, and all of the twins, plus Craig and Diane’s other son and Mark and Darlene’s two girls, had Guthrie seeing double on TODAY Wednesday.

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